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Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Cory Booker Admits Dem Problem: ‘We Seem To Have Lost Our Way’

Democrats have lost their connection to everyday voters, according to Senator Cory Booker (D-NY).

Speaking at Netroots Nation 2018, a progressive political convention, Booker admitted Friday that the Democrat Party needs to refocus its message based on the needs of voters rather than its hatred of the president.

“I think a lot about the Democratic Party nationally and how it seems that that connection to people – where they are, what their experiences are, their struggles, their hurt, and their pain – how we seem to have lost our way,” Booker said.

“What we need to be doing is reconnecting ourselves to folks where they are.”

What Booker fails to realize is his party has alienated a large swath of voters through identity politicsand the party’s sudden shift towards a far-left socialist platform.

Additionally, the party’s increasingly unhinged rhetoric against President Trump, his administrationand family, and his supporters has derailed the Democrat party’s messaging – its policy platform is now for anything Trump is against, and is against anything Trump is for.



Anonymous said...

Dave T: Cory you were lost long before you got into the loser party.

Anonymous said...

Boy now there is a loser for you. Crying tears of rage? Whatever happened to concentrating on the real problems that confront us? All this bozo spews is vitriol and disdain. He is an embarrassment to the already shady senate. He appears to be a student of Al Sharpton.

Anonymous said...

No Cory your the problem.

Anonymous said...

Crooked eye crooked Politian.

Anonymous said...

he just wants to be president. He'll say or do anything, whatever it takes.