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Thursday, August 30, 2018

America's Crisis: Starving Obese People

While Americans’ waistlines continue to expand, those who are gaining the most weight are also starving. They aren’t starving of calories, but of vital nutrients that help keep the body working in tip-top condition.

Everyone knows that vegetables are packed full of nutrients and vitamins that are good for the body, yet most Americans don’t meet their daily dose of vegetables in a week. Only 14% of adults even consume three servings of veggies per day, but the news is worse. Adolescents eat even fewer vegetables than their adult counterparts. So as Americans get bigger and consume more calories, they are wholly malnourished at the same time.

According to a well-worded article by Personal Liberty, all foods have calories, but only a very small amount of foods have nutrition. Unfortunately, this ignorance is capitalized upon by commercial “food” processors who produce millions of tons of empty foods that have calories without any actual nutrition.


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Thanks to the “Food Industry”