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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Navy OKs Ponytails, Locks and Other Hairstyles for Female Sailors

Female sailors can soon sport several new hairstyles including locks, ponytails and options that fall below the collar in certain uniforms, according to new approved regulations announced Tuesday.

Lock, or loc, hairstyles and buns that span the width of the back of a female sailor's head will now be authorized for women in all uniforms. Ponytails will be OK in service, working or physical-training uniforms -- provided there's no operational safety concern. And hairstyles that hit beneath shirt, dress or jacket collars will be approved in dinner-dress uniforms.

The changes were approved by Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson and Chief of Naval Personnel Vice Adm. Bob Burke, and announced by six members of a working group during a Navy Facebook Live event.

Richardson credited the working group, which took feedback from the fleet, with coming up with and presenting the new grooming recommendations.

"We just demonstrated that a recommendation can make things happen, so I want to hear from you," he said.



Anonymous said...

The Navy should invest in a lot more larger sized uniform caps and hats. What's next, hair extensions and bee hives?

Anonymous said...

Don't forget man-buns 1104. In the military we cannot/will not discriminate!!!!

Anonymous said...

Back in the late 60's during Vietnam, Admiral Zumwalt (a great "non-com's Admiral") relaxed many of the reg's on hair and moustaches for the military. Morale soared because of this. Good move.