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Tuesday, July 17, 2018


President’s policies to make America great again are ‘organized cruelty,’ she says

Hillary Clinton had strong words for the Trump administration and Republicans on Friday while addressing the American Federation of Teachers, saying the fundamental rights of Americans are what’s at stake this November.

Speaking at the labor union’s conference in Pittsburgh, Mrs. Clinton slammed the administration’s separations of families at the border as inhumane and indecent.

“I believe with all my heart that the test of any society is how we treat the most vulnerable among us, particularly our youngest, our oldest, our people with disabilities, and right now, my friends, our country is failing that test,” she said. “We have never seen such organized cruelty, disdain and contempt for those values.

“People used to hide the way they felt,” she lamented. “They wouldn’t come right out and say what they were thinking, which was good, that’s part of the process of civilization. Boy, not today.”

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Anonymous said...

Yo HildaBeast - your party's disdain for the Christian, working class, taxpayer is worse...which is why we didn't elect you!

I can't wait for November's mid-term elections! LibTard's heads will be exploding and spinning!

Anonymous said...

They are not ours. They are illegal Immigrants. If the don't cross the border illegally no one will do anything to them.

Anonymous said...

Witchtardism the new mantra of lucifer we trust lie and deceive

Anonymous said...


open boarders
Illegal immigration
The black panthers


American way of life

Who are the Treasonous communists????????????

Anonymous said...

Well, first he would have to pry it from hillary's cold hands!!

Anonymous said...

What a lying, sick hypocrite!

Anonymous said...

She has no heart. Don't believe a thing she says.

Anonymous said...

Here are the parallels of the neo-Nazi democrat party and their spiritual cousins, the Third Reich;

1) Both supported rampant socialism

2) Both supported disarming the population. Thus far, only the Third Reich succeeded.

3) Both supported book burning.

4) Both used violent tactics to halt free speech

5) Both demonized their political opponents and incited mob violence.

6) Both conducted a murderous holocaust of innocents. The holocaust of the Jews pales in comparison to the over 60 million babies the democrats have slaughtered.

A hundred years from now and long after the Nuremberg style trials and execution of democrat politicians, when someone makes a vicious slur they will refer to another as a democrat rather than a Nazi.

Anonymous said...

lock her up!

Anonymous said...

I don't wish harm to anyone, but please go back to the woods old failure. We are sooo sick of your mug. You are too confident that you are loved by everyone and not enough smart's to realize the people have already let you know they don't even like you, not alone love you. Take your unfaithful groom with you on that broom. Hell, go revisit Woodstock.