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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Overzealous Cop Mows Down Pedestrian While Attempting Traffic Stop

Government actions have unintended consequences. Even something as simple as trying to pull over a suspected drunk driver.

Tragically, a man was struck and killed by a vehicle early Sunday morning in St. Augustine Florida. It happened when a police officer started to pursue a suspected drunk driver.

But it wasn’t a drunk driver that struck and killed the man. It was the police officer behind the wheel of his cruiser who killed the innocent pedestrian.

As the cop whipped his car into a U-turn to pursue a vehicle for a traffic stop, he struck and killed a man crossing the road with his bike. The officer’s lights and siren were not on at the time. The man had no warning, and could not have predicted that the cruiser would reverse direction and slam into him.

To cover the cop’s tracks, the police and media tried to blame the victim,

[Florida Highway Patrol] investigators believe the pedestrian, Vincent Kinslow, 33, was impaired when he walked out into the road.

He was taken to Flagler Hospital where we was pronounced dead.

Kinslow was homeless and had been arrested in the past for DUI and battery.



Unknown said...

Kinslow was homeless and had been arrested in the past for DUI and battery.

So that makes it ok that the cop killed him?

lmclain said...


That's the narrative here.

Two Sets Of Laws.

YOU would still be in jail, trying to post bond and worried to death about a civil suit that would bankrupt you.
No lights. No siren. No problem.

It'a wonder they didn't sprinkle a little crack on him or stick a .22 in his back pocket.

Anonymous said...

No 1155, but it does provide an excuse! Unless this story has legs (and it will not), we will never find out the outcome! Swept away just like many many others!

Anonymous said...

Years ago I saw a state trooper in West OC nail a guy attempting a uturn on route 50 @ 611. Night time, 40 or 45 zone, no flashers, cop was doing 80+. Arrested the other driver for DUI.

Anonymous said...

sounds like the Wicomico Sheriff's office and Berlin Barracks State rookies driving habits

Anonymous said...

Killing a nothing person is not a crime, it is a public service. Be so nice if all of these kind of vermin were gone.

Anonymous said...

Typical government employees. Covering each others azz. My sister and her ex-husband used to have a fiend who was a Md. State trooper who would visit them at their home and get running drunk and then drive home. But they said when he was sober, he was all cop and would arrest people for doing the same thing. Also not long ago a Md State trooper was stopped by a Salisbury city cop for drunk driving. We heard he was transferred to another barracks and we never heard another thing about it. Everyone believes he never went to court and was never charged. I have also head about quite a few of them being caught and their station is called and someone comes out and drives them home and not a word is said about it. A lot of things are hidden from the public by these self righteous idiots. How many are there that we have never heard about.