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Monday, May 21, 2018

Don't Let Local Media Fool You

While there's no question Cruisin Weekend was much smaller then past years because of the weather, please don't mislead viewers that business was way down because that's just not completely true. 

Business in Ocean City might have been slower, (tickets/fines) however, that was not the case in West Ocean City. There are some of us, (me included) who have seen for decades that West Ocean City was going to boom. In fact, my friend Mark Odachowski recently purchased the Alamo Motel on Rt. 50 and immediately and completely remodeled the entire facility. Mark just cut a deal to put Mothers Cantina restaurant at that location as well. Considering our facilities connect, we will partner with this restaurant, (food) to be delivered to OC Billiards @ Trader Lee's. 

There is a group of us who will be working diligently to market the West Ocean City boom in business as WE, (pictures shown on Saturday) enjoyed a major increase in business and NOT a drop in business, as WBOC suggested this morning. Obviously there are two sides to every Liberal story. 

For those of you who traveled to Ocean City recently you will notice the parking lots to all of the new hotels on Rt. 50 being completely packed. West Ocean City is the future. We are all supporting each other and will ultimately make sure events like Bike Week or Cruisin Weekend will not disappear because Ocean City doesn't want them. We are a powerful group of people/businessmen, (not politicians) who will take over and make things right, as it should be. 


Anonymous said...

I will be supporting these people the best way we can!!!! And why not they deserve it!!!!

I agree with whom ever said they want to keep bike week and cruising week around for years to come, this is a good source of revenue and if OC doesn't want them, according to the mayor, Then hold it somewhere else but sponsor it, reap the benefits from it and try to keep OC out of the loop and from getting said revenue for them!!! Why should the mayor and politicians benefit form something they despises???

Anonymous said...

You aren't kidding Joe about the booming popularity of West OC - especially the last 7-10 years. The marina's, housing (the development behind Hooper's that's exploding), many recognized named hotels, food establishments, etc., etc.

OC has noticed and their answer is to bite the hand that feeds them (tourists). Well many are now going WEST as in WEST OC!

Anonymous said...

You guys are late to the party!
More than 30 years ago while planning my eventual retirement in Ocean City by operating a small business, I initially and firmly believed that the only location would be have to be something on the bay side of the Town of Ocean City. I knew firmly that this was the best option.
Then, about 20 years ago, I realized that West OC was not only the future but was the ONLY option I would take in opening a new business.
History has proved me to be correct. West 'O has become a destination to vacationers and locals alike.
Having Mark invest in that property is perfect. No one knows the area better than he.

Anonymous said...

I worked in Ocean City for the last 9 years, I saw the cruiser every year. Most of them were older, but the fight in OC this weekend was young kids! The t.ype that came in with the H20 group!

Unknown said...

I think they should move all this stuff to Rehoboth get it at Ocean City people cannot enjoy yourself what these clowns coming down and acting silly Canadian take this bike week and he's Hot Wheels and everything else and take to reach hope