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Wednesday, May 02, 2018

DC cop discovered in 14-year-old girl's bedroom by her mother

A Washington DC officer is now the one behind bars after he was allegedly found in a 14-year-old girl's bedroom by her mother.

The girl's mother immediately called police after she discovered Nathan Clinkscale, 25, in her daughter's room around 1.30am on Monday.

Clinkscale told police that he had consensual sex with the girl, who he met on the dating site 'Interracial Cupid', according to WJLA.

He has been charged with a third-degree sex incident involving a minor.

Clinkscale works in the Fifth District of the Washington DC Metropolitan Police Department.

He had been an officer for about a year before his arrest.



Anonymous said...

Do they not do extensive background checks to be an officer in DC. I would sue the City and the Police Dept if this was my daughter, where's Al Sharpton on this one huh?

Anonymous said...

You won't see Sharpton. Given the website and the suspect, it stands to reason the victim is not someone Al would speak out for.

Anonymous said...

He identifies as her boyfriend, leave him alone.

Anonymous said...

14 will get you 20. The Welcome Wagon in his soon-to-be-new neighborhood may lack some social graces.

Anonymous said...

SHoulda kept his service weapon in its holster!

Anonymous said...

hey give the guy a break, at least he was off duty!