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Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Osprey -- the ultimate fisher


Anonymous said...

I work on the water and love osprays but I've still never seen one take a fish as big as that last one! The bald eagle population is skyrocketing and I always see them harrassing the osprays and stealing the fish they catch. Our national bird is an aggressive Vulture.

Anonymous said...

I went fishing one day and wasn't catching anything and an osprey swooped down right in front of me and caught a fish. Really a neat sight.

Anonymous said...

Seldom a year goes by where I don't see an Osprey swoop down and pull a fish out of the Pocomoke River. Then they'll fly up to a bald Cyprus tree, perch on a branch, and eat the live meal. Awesome predatory birds. I've seen Eagles fish in the river, the same way.