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Friday, April 06, 2018

Tuition Overtakes State Money as Funding Source for Public Colleges

State colleges and universities are relying more on tuition dollars to fund their operations even as state funding rises and colleges come under pressure to keep tuition low.

Last fiscal year, for the first time, tuition revenue outpaced government appropriations for higher education in the majority of states, according to the annual higher education finance report from the State Higher Education Executive Officers Association. The association represents chief executives of statewide governing, policy and coordinating boards of postsecondary education.

Tuition dollars are becoming a more important revenue source as more students head to college, tuition prices rise, and state lawmakers struggle to return higher education funding to the per-student levels seen before the Great Recession.



Anonymous said...

Has anyone considered that former Political figures (O'Malley) are being funded by taxpayers by introducing these kind of people as educators? They are no longer even lying to you. Just collecting.

Anonymous said...

I need to ask WHY. I obtained a full Johns Hopkins degree by attending classes at night while raising 2 children. Why can't the new generation educate themselves like I did? Are their drug addiction costs too much? If so, why do the Maryland "rulers" feel that Medical weed is necessary? Do we pay teachers too much? Do we even need ANOTHER adduceable substance?

Anonymous said...

Ever looked at the enormous pay for sports directors? A 10% cut in their
salaries should cover a tuition increase, in addition to the general