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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Carjacker shot dead by victim outside New Texas Fried Chicken restaurant in Orlando

A man shot dead a carjacker who he claimed attacked him as he entered a fried chicken outlet, police have said.

Leon Anthony Ducally, 49, told deputies he shot Jan Demetri Goodman, 26, after a carjacking attempt as he walked into the New Texas Fried Chicken, east of the Mall at Millenia in Orlando.

An Orange County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Jane Watrel told the Orlando Sentinal deputies said they arrived at the scene at 12:01 a.m.



Anonymous said...

Democrats are fighting for the rights of the deceased...seriously.They think family members left behind should be allowed to sue the person who caused the death of their loved ones.Even if that person was killed during the commission of a crime,they think that he or she should have the same rights as if they, say,died as a result of medical malpractice.This is how crazy it's getting.

Anonymous said...

Ever notice how many crimes are committed in or near fried chicken joints? Banning fried chicken might be the thing to do.

Anonymous said...

Compare this story to the teacher in Baltimore co. What was the BIG difference? Go ahead I'll wait.

Anonymous said...

10:01 AM - Are you talking about civil wrongful death suits, like the one that O.J.'s murdered ex's family brought against him? Taking someone's life is not just murder, it's a human rights crime.