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Friday, April 13, 2018

Amendment Proposed To OC Smoking Ordinance

OCEAN CITY – Efforts to amend a smoking ban on the beach and Boardwalk were initiated at a resort committee meeting this week.

In an Ocean City Police Commission meeting Monday, Councilman Wayne Hartman began a discussion on amending the town’s smoking ordinance to include any substance.

Currently, smoking tobacco or vaping is banned along the beach and Boardwalk except within 15 feet of designated smoking areas.

Hartman, however, argued the ordinance should be amended to prohibit smoking any substance, not just tobacco.



Anonymous said...

Do these people ever stop? Get a life!

Anonymous said...

Yes, when they die of lung cancer.

Anonymous said...

1:56. This has nothing to do with lung cancer. This has to do with busy body people who are on a power trip.

Anonymous said...

500,000 people die a year from smoking. It's a epidemic. Public shaming would be a good start.

Unknown said...

Let them smoke anywhere they want and ban OC

Anonymous said...

Hey Ricky, much more important things than cigs, walls and parking that are needed in OC. FILLING HOTEL ROOMS DURING THE WEEK would generate revenue and those folks would frequent establishments, which oh by the way - generates revenue.

Why do you all continue to waste time tinkering/spending on things that do not truly bring revenue into MY city? What tree limb will protrude onto one of the council members line of sight in their yard this year, requiring removal? What new rule will be in place for "performers" on the boardwalk? Stickler and stricter rules for bikes/car weekends?

Its items like this Ricky that truly make OC tiny-time when the #1 thing that's needed is getting butts in hotel rooms everyday from Memorial Day until Labor Day. All the other weekends (in this year round town - HAHAHAHA) should be gravy, but somehow you all are ruining the gravy train TOO!

This place is like having the HALLS running things again. SHEESH!