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Friday, April 13, 2018

Is Science Offensive? The Blurry Line Between Transgender Athlete and Cheating.

The transgender movement blurs the line between two words: gender and sex.

I am willing to surrender the word gender. The new definition of gender is that it is not a scientific term, but rather a cultural identifier of traits typically related to biological sex. So a biological male who feels like he fits the role society views as female could change his gender because gender is a social construct built around the cultural role of each sex. Since words like “he and she” can refer to gender or sex, to be polite I try to use a person’s preferred pronoun.

But I will not abandon the biological meaning of the word sex, which starts with the fact that men have an X and Y chromosome, and women have two X chromosomes.

These basic differences in the foundation of male versus female DNA present themselves in other biological ways. Men and women have different genitalia. They also have different natural levels of certain hormones present in the body. Male and female bodies tend to differ in size and shape. They tend to store fat and build muscle in different areas and concentrations of the body.

These biological differences also present themselves in varying physical abilities. In general, males tend to run faster than females.

To be sure, countless woman can run faster than most men. Every single elite professional female runner in the Boston Marathon could absolutely slaughter me in any foot race (and I am actually a decent recreational runner).

However elite professional male racers at the Boston Marathon always beat the elite professional female racers at the Boston Marathon. This is not due to lack of training or commitment by female runners, it is due to biological differences between sexes.

But the organizers of the Boston Marathon allow people to register their sex under whatever gender they identify as.

Now here is where the difference between these two words actually matters.



Anonymous said...

You would think these kind of human experiments would violate the Hippocratic oath.

Anonymous said...

You are either male or female,thats it,wether you are queer or straight should have nothing to do with it.

Anonymous said...

The word queer was a form of "hate speech" when I was a kid. However " hate speech " didn't exist. The Media along with campaign speeches made the popular words up. CEO of Facebook and the biggest enforcer of " hate speech" couldn't give a definition of what it was lol. Now queer is ok to say, pot is no longer the gateway drug, climate change is based on science but gender is not?