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Thursday, March 29, 2018

'He Was Planning Something Horrible:' Foreign National on Student Visa Accused of Plotting School Shooting

A foreign exchange student from Taiwan was arrested after allegedly threatening to “shoot up” a Pennsylvania high school, local police say.

An Tso Sun — an 18-year-old in the U.S. on a student visa — is accused of making a threat to another Bonner Prendergast Catholic High School student, saying he was plotting a shooting spree on May 1, according to The Inquirer. Afterward, the foreign exchange student said he was “just kidding.”



Anonymous said...

Then why is no one laughing? He needs to that it's not funny the hard way. Kick him out and make sure he can't ever come back.

Anonymous said...

I hope he serves the maxium ammount of time the judge can give him and then deported and turned over to the Taiwan officials for more prison time.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he was bullied by children of intolerant parents that hate anyone from another country.

Anonymous said...

you don`t hear about stories like this coming from many other countries that`s because everyone in the world knows america is soft on crime and criminals.if you get caught in america you can just claim it was a joke or claim that you made a mistake and were incompetent and you`ll get set free. in other countries you get executed very quickly for "jokes" "mistakes" and "incompetence" like we have here in america.