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Friday, February 16, 2018

Planned Parenthood Ramps Up Efforts to Expand Abortion Access

Leaders of Planned Parenthood announced Tuesday that they are working with local lawmakers in a dozen states on bills to increase access to abortion, or to roll back measures that impose limitations on it.

"We’re trying to work in every state — even in the toughest places to expand access… by the end of this year, we will take this offensive fight to all 50 states," said Dawn Laguens, the group’s executive vice president, The Washington Post reported.

The efforts of the chain of women’s "reproductive health" centers includes a bill to repeal Missouri’s 72-hour waiting period before a woman can get an abortion and a bill that restores family planning funding in New Jersey that Republican former Gov. Chris Christie had removed from the budget, the report said.

Other legislation that Planned Parenthood supports includes a Maine bill to allow nurse practitioners to prescribe abortion pills, The Post reported.

Planned Parenthood also is pushing measures in California, Hawaii, and Rhode Island, where Democrats lead the legislatures.

Other efforts are in states with Republican-led legislatures—Alaska, Arizona, Kansas, Michigan, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and West Virginia. Republicans lead over a quarter of state governments, the report said.



Anonymous said...

So why are politicians so shocked by mass shootings when this is perfectly acceptable to those same politicians?

Anonymous said...

60 million lives ended in this country because of abortion...more then any war this country has fought.. nice job democrats..

Anonymous said...

As long as Tom Steyer or king George Soros pays for it I don't care and that goes for MPT or the liberal arts also.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Abortion is their method of birth control. If you can live with knowing you have aborted your child than I suggest you pay for it - not the taxpayer.