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Friday, February 16, 2018

FBI was warned about Florida's Nikolas Cruz in September

The FBI missed at least one warning and countless warning signs in the months before Nikolas Cruz opened fire on Wednesday and killed 17 students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in just minutes.

The first came back in September when they were alerted to comment made by YouTube user 'Nikolas Cruz' proclaiming his desire to be a 'professional school shooter.'

At the same time he was posting photos to his public social media account which showed off an arsenal of weapons, including multiple semi-automatic guns.

And he had not only joined the white nationalist group Republic of Florida but also begun participating in paramilitary training exercises with the organization.

All this, along with the fact that he had know mental health struggles and three school expulsions, was not enough to land Cruz on the FBI's radar.



Anonymous said...

This proves Trump's point: the FBI is no good.

Anonymous said...

You know they keep telling us, if you see something say something,yet when you say something nobody pays any attention. That Florida shooting could have and should have been avoided. My advise would be to say something to multable people and organizations and document those calls and maybe even follow up to see if it has been looked into and document that.Maybe if some people in authority had their feet held to the fire some of these tragedys might be avoided.

Anonymous said...

This is absolute insanity.
The word "investigation" is in their damn title, for god's sake!
What they SHOULD have done was have the IRS lead the investigation.
Because when I was audited many years ago, the IRS found a cash payment made to me (that I had long forgotten about) in the amount of $137.50, paid to me in a town three hundred miles away, four years earlier.
Now THAT is investigation!

Anonymous said...

They can find out information about the Trump underling in a private conversation in a bar in Australia to start a 2 year investigation about non-existent Russian collusion,
... but they can't find a Nicholas Cruz who basically made a pre-admission for a school shooting.
I mean how many Nicholas Cruz's are there in America. I would have interviewed everyone of them until I found him.

Anonymous said...

The FBI fails again.

Anonymous said...

FBI was investigating the 21st. centuries worst criminal in world history, and failed to bring criminal charges against her!
Any wonder why they let this guy shoot kids ?

Anonymous said...

1. How many guys in America spell their name "Nikolas Cruz"?
2. How many Nikolas Cruzes have bought an AR15?
3. How many have put a direct threat on Twitter?
4. How many students are barred from using a backpack at that school?
5. How many have had police interaction 32 times since 2010?
6. How many have been cited for killing small animals and pets?
All this in a country that with 'plate readers' will single you out, pull you over, and arrest you for an unpaid parking ticket.
This country is nuts anymore.