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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Unarmed 16yo Boy Shot and Killed as He Tried to Stop a Cop from Hurting His Mom

Franklin County, OH — In juvenile court this week, a 16-year-old boy intervened after a police officer allegedly pushed his mother against the wall—so the police officer shot and killed him. The boy’s name was Joseph Haynes and he was unarmed.

The single shot which killed Haynes was fired, police say, in self-defense but family members are disputing that claim. The boy’s grandmother Geraldine Haynes said she witnessed the entire incident. In an interview with the Columbus Dispatch, the grandmother recounted the incident.

They had an altercation in the courtroom. The judge gave us another court date and we were leaving. The cop told Karen (boy’s mother) to get out of the courthouse and wouldn’t let her get her stuff or nothing. And then he (cop) started going over and pushing her against the wall.

That’s when she says her grandson, Joseph, stepped in to defend his mother from the officer’s manhandling.



Anonymous said...

Guilty. Death.

Anonymous said...

The cop must have been trained by Limelight Lewis.

Anonymous said...

Got to be more to this. I find it hard to believe a nudge would lose control of his court room. It is sad that a person so young had to die for something his mother did that brought her to court.

Anonymous said...

Sworn police officer will claim that he feared for his life from the unarmed teen and will be not only let off, but decorated.

Anonymous said...

That's about as one sided version if the incident as one can get. Anything from a local new agency in the city, that would report from something other than just the testimony of the victim's grandmother. Cop may be in the wrong, but this isn't the most credible version. I'd defer judgment until we see video, if it's available. Just sounds to me to be another "hands up don't shoot" incident, that in the end, paints a cop as guilty before any evidence is even looked at.

Anonymous said...

The cop started a physical altercation when he forcibly prevented Grandma from picking up her personals to leave the courtroom. Since every physical altercation involving an armed police officer is considered a deadly gunfight, that officer then made a conscious decision to kill someone, and then he did.

Sorry, by the police's own stated ruling, he's totally guilty of murder.

Anonymous said...

4:32, Except the kid was white.

Anonymous said...

Let it play out in court and accept the findings.