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Saturday, January 20, 2018

It Is What It Is


Anonymous said...

I believe that is the harbor in Cap Haitien. Surprisingly, it looks cleaner that it was two years ago.

bob pinto said...

Haitians have suffered greatly through horrific earthquakes and crooked politicians. They shouldn't be a passing insult allegedly made.

Anonymous said...

You’re missing the point. Very few people would argue that these places are dumps. I’ve traveled the world and believe me, even in some of the worlds most beautiful places, once you veer off the “tourist” path and travel beyond the post card scenery, a lot of them truly are disgusting.
But, does that make it acceptable for the leader of the free world to call them a shithole in mixed company? I think not and we should expect better.
I’m really trying to like Trump but he makes it very easy no to.

Anonymous said...

I feel so fortunate to live in the U.S.