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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

City of Calgary Cancels ‘Family Friendly’ Nude Swimming Event

The City of Calgary has cancelled a “family friendly” nudist swimming event after thousands of people signed a petition claiming that the event would attract child sex predators.

Over 20,000 people signed the online petition calling for the event to be cancelled despite organisers saying they would be going ahead with the “Naked Waterslides and Wave Pool” event, the Calgary Herald reports.

The event was organised by the Calgary Nude Recreation group who released a statement on Facebook regarding the petition saying: “There are no nude beaches anywhere near Calgary, so this is the only place we get to have non-sexual naked fun with like-minded individuals. We recognise and are OK with the fact that these events are not suitable for everyone.”

“Calgary Nude Recreation events will ALWAYS be family friendly, regardless if there are children present or not, and the people attending this event understand that,” the group added.



Anonymous said...

Will they let tourists in?

Anonymous said...

Nudists are always that last people anyone want's to see with out their clothes .

Anonymous said...

If it isn't a nude beach - through their bare arse in jail. Bet it gets cold in a jail cell