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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

This ‘decorated Green Beret’ is a total fraud

Brooklyn Army vet Papotia Reginald Wright’s resume was impressive by any standard.

He boasted of a Purple Heart, Bronze Star — and a slew of other medals as an elite Green Beret that got him into swanky galas and even field access to the Giants.

But Wright is nothing but an accomplished fraud, it was revealed Thursday.

He never served with Special Forces, never served in any combat role — and never rose above the rank of “specialist,”according to military documents obtained through FOIA by Guardians of the Green Beret.

Wright even lied about how long he was in the Army, claiming he served 25 years when he was really only enlisted from 1982 to 1990, the documents show.

He spent most of his time as a driver, with stints far from any battlefield in Alaska, Egypt, Georgia and Texas, according to his papers.



Anonymous said...

Up there with people who use handicap parking spaces and there is nothing disable about them. Especially those in wheel chairs flying Southwest. On my last flight which was recent I counted 21 wheelchair passengers. With SW you get on first with family assisted by SW personnel. Have my doubts about most of them growing up with a family member with a disability that would never abuse the system.

Anonymous said...

Their foreheads should be tattooed in 2 inch letters spelling "NO VALOR".

Anonymous said...

Untrue and your last off. Moron!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry what is the truth? What airport? Salisbury???

Anonymous said...

I was an army fixed wing pilot who spent thirty months flying single ship, unarmed recon missions over northern south Vietnam, the DMZ, and over the Ho Chi Minh Trail in Laos. Largely ignored small arms fire but had everything else in the north Vietnamese inventory shot at me including SA-2 and SA-7 missiles, 57mm, 37mm, and 23mm anti aircraft rounds. Have three magazine articles written about my experience on one of my last missions. Google “Lady Ace 72”. I’m the guy holding the PRC survival radio. I won’t join the American legion, VFW, or any other “veterans” organizations because I don’t want to associate with a bunch of phonies. Those claiming PTSD who either didn’t actually serve or were in a non combat role like working in a supply room on a major base, I have no use for. Seems like I have met more Rangers, SEALs, Special Forces and Marine Force Recon vets than ever served during the whole war. Never have I talked with any “vet” who was a generator mechanic or a truck driver,

Anonymous said...

It’s ok according to liberals because his intent was good.

Anonymous said...

Is his name Jake Day? He's a military FRAUD!!