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Thursday, December 07, 2017

Senate GOP Unveils Immigration Reform, With 3-Year Work Permits for DACA Illegals

Senate judiciary chairman Sen. Chuck Grassley has introduced a far-reaching GOP plan for reforming the nation’s immigration laws — but two of his Senate GOP allies immediately split off to offer Democrats a bigger amnesty and a smaller cutback in chain-migration.

The GOP plan, dubbed the Security, Enforcement, and Compassion United in Reform Efforts, or SECURE Act, would offer three-year work permits to 690,000 DACA illegal-immigrants in exchange for ending chain migration, requiring mandatory screening to exclude illegals from jobs, closing asylum loopholes used by migrants to get into the United States, and penalizing so-called “sanctuary cities” which refuse to cooperate with federal immigration-enforcement agencies.

The chain-migration element is key because it would reduce immigration by half, so driving up Americans’ salaries, aiding civic assimilation of recent migrants, and spurring new productivity-boosting business practices.



Anonymous said...

everyone needs to call and email(and keep calling them) their Senators and tell them to end chain migration now.

Anonymous said...

All elected officials take an oath to follow the laws in America. Why has it become acceptable for appointed and elected officials to disregard or ignore laws they swore to uphold?
I would guess most American citizens believe in lawful immigration.
If any official refuse to follow laws they swore to uphold then they should be fired or arrested for refusing to carry out their sworn duties.

Anonymous said...

Kick the Can Congress

Anonymous said...

No vote today will be YES vote in November 2018! Don't forget that CONgress.