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Saturday, November 11, 2017

Democrats demand death penalty for cops who commit assault, murder

Several House Democrats have introduced legislation that would subject state and local police to the death penalty if they are found guilty or assault or murder.

The Police Accountability Act, from Rep. Hank Johnson, D-Ga., is one of the Democrats' answers to the police brutality that they say still plagues black Americans around the country.

His bill would subject police to the death penalty when cops commit certain crimes that already trigger the death penalty in other circumstances. Johnson, who has introduced this bill in prior Congresses, said it's needed because police cannot be put above the law.

"I support our law enforcement officers," Johnson said. "They have a difficult job to uphold the law and to protect and serve the American people and to keep them safe from harm's way. They should be commended and we owe them a tremendous debt of gratitude."

"But law enforcement officers are not above the law and should be held accountable like anyone else," he added.



Anonymous said...

Sorry, but that's not the problem here.

The problem is they get a month off paid and are never charged.

How can they be sentenced to death if there's no trial?


Anonymous said...

Who the hell elects these people into office?

Anonymous said...

Hey Cops, don't mistake that airsoft gun for a real gun when chasing a criminal that just robbed a store because the Democrats will kill you for it!!

Anonymous said...

While I agree completely that the police should be held accountable and, that they are most definitely not above the law, this would seriously impact law enforcement recuruiting dramatically. At the very least it would result in the reduction of first tier candidates. Imagine being a law enforcement officer going to work every day with the possibility of being dealt the death penalty should you be involved in a fatal shooting. It could cause good officers to hesitate for a split second longer in an armed confrontation which could in turn cost them their own lives. Putting your life on the line to protect others while yours is in the hands of others to determine whether or not the use of lethal force was justified? Not me.

Anonymous said...

Hank need to go retire to the sinking side of Guam...

Anonymous said...

Sure, that will work, but only if it goes both ways, criminal gets same sentence if they shot a cop.

Anonymous said...

If cops do nothing wrong, they have nothing to be afraid of, right?

At least that's what they always tell us.

Anonymous said...

With this Democratic proposal this means if a criminal kills someone then they get the death penalty. This would reduce the prison population and the cost to tax payers. They will not push that because they would lose votes.

lmclain said...

Never will work.
We ask these men and women to make snap decisions in dangerous situations. They do screw up but death penalty?? F'ing crazy.
I'm all for accountability, but that is WAY over the line.
Citizens and cops will get killed. Criminals will get millions in payouts and no one will want to be a cop.
I hope the cops that protect him look the other way when a constituent bit** slaps him.

Anonymous said...

Gee, I wonder what would happen to the murder rate if EVERYONE had a chance at getting death? Should someone's occupation preclude them from getting justice?