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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Where The Hell Is Everyone?

We all have heard at one time or another, "karma is a bitch". Well I can tell you first hand, the mainstream media and network television is lying to all Americans and certainly we the people of the Eastern Shore.

I thought for the heck of it that I would travel around the local beer gardens in the Ocean City area to see just what kind of impact we the people are having on local bars. So I went out on Sunday and Monday night to see and even ask local managers how the NFL kneeling was impacting them. 

Some local bars are closing their doors during the games, that's a fact. The impact is incredible, yet no one seems to be covering it. Your local media would like you to believe things are simply normal and they are not. 

Now am I interested in talking about businesses hurting, absolutely not. However, it's a reality and truth and that is exactly what SBYNews is all about. This hasn't just impacted NFL television ratings, it's destroying the Bar Industry and if there's ANY finger pointing it should be pointed at the NFL for destroying what has always been well known to be a HUGE entertainment business, especially during football season. 

There is not one person I have spoken to over the past few weeks that is in fact watching the games and I'm being very serious. Now I'm sure there are some who are but none that I have spoken to and I speak to a lot of people each and every day.

That being said, each and every one of you reading this need to think deep and recognize just how strong Americans are truly feeling about the NFL's decision to slap us in the face AND the financial impact this has placed on businesses. I, for one, will be dedicated to no longer watching Football from here on out. I stand with my President and all of the VFW's and others who fought and even lost their lives for America. I will not ever lose or bend my beliefs in America and what we stand for.


Anonymous said...

What if?

What if this is what Kaperdick wants?

What if this jerk is trying to destroy the NFL, and a few of his fellow players are way too stupid to realize it.

What if, he really is paid by Islam, and would not come back even if Cowboys offered him starting position?

What if, we actually traced ALL the funding on Atheist protest, and BLM's, Antifa, Soros, and found out it ALL was coming from ISLAM?

Destroyed from within, from Lawyers - and Liberals... Taking over our education system, not taking over sports.

What If?

Anonymous said...

I was in OC Sunday watching the cars and stopped in a bar for a restroom stop and a beer, and was feeling uncomfortable that 4 TV's were showing sports and one had an NFL game on until one man asked for it to be switched to golf. The bartender asked all patrons if that was okay, and the whole mood changed in the room when everybody agreed to golf!

So, it's not just me!

Anonymous said...

Amen, well stated, and same goes for me.

Anonymous said...

Walked on the boardwalk Sunday morning. Very few people with football jerseys.
Last year would have been loaded with Ravens, Pittsburgh, Eagles, Washington etc.
Very apparent fans are not happy with the NFL owners and players.

Anonymous said...

Same here.

In fact, we've just turned the whole danged tv off.

What a remarkable feeling it is to cut loose the tv ball and chain.

And no remorse.

It's so refreshing. I'd recommend you all give it a try.

Anonymous said...

Dumped Cable TV in 2009. A storm took out the cable box and two months later, we realized we had never bothered to get a new one.

no sports, no lamestream news, no lame sitcoms and most importantly no constant barrage of advertising.

If a movie comes up we want to watch, we can watch it streaming on any number of internet services.

Never looked back.

A change is coming to this country. And it is being fueled in large part, by people disconnecting from the constant feed of bs from our controllers. And we will all be the better for it, when we get through this rough period.

Anonymous said...

Not watching tv nor going to a bar could be a good thing. Find other things to do, like spending time with your wife and kids, finish that project, go on road trip, go visit old friends, etc.

Anonymous said...

We are done with the nfl. Done with most tv shows and movies also. Tired of the disrespect, violence and whining from the liberals.

Sam Smullen said...

Thanks for you comment Joe. I to have refused to watch NFL from the beginning when Ravens were in Europe. Shame, but its the change in times, but I don't have to been over thank you. Sam Smullen

Anonymous said...

I was at a OC bar when this first started 2 weeks ago and the bartender tried to sell two Ravens tickets. There were no offers. Then she asked who wanted them for free and there no takers.

Anonymous said...

We're gone, and we're not coming back. Take that! Protesting overpaid black football players, indeed.

Anonymous said...

My son is a Special Forces soldier. My neighbor had the balls to say that the players have the right to protest.
That conversion went over like a lead balloon.
I reminded him that it is men like my son that allows them that right so the LEAST they can do is show some respect.

sydneyh said...

When the Ravens were in London I tried to find out how the game went. When I found out they kneeled for the Nat'l Anthem (on foreign soil) I couldn't believe it! How could they be so dumb as to think their fans wouldn't be shocked and upset?
Never will I spend a dime or a minute of my time on ravens football. Send them all back to Cleveland or Indianapolis or any foreign country of their choice.

Anonymous said...

I noticed the same thing: empty bar on Monday night. the same one that used to be packed. I feel sorry for the owner and the loss of revenue.
On the flip side, my Sunday's have become much more enjoyable and productive. Think about all the things you can do in 4 hours. Thanks Kapernick.

Anonymous said...

1:23 Thank you for your son's service; obviously had good parental role model, too.

These kneeling numbskulls need to take and pass a serious US History course before they are given playbooks!

Anonymous said...

DUGH !!! Maybe your players and owners PISSED OFF too
many Americans who are Loyal to our Flag and Veterans !!!!

Anonymous said...

We are ALL at the VFW and American Legion !! That's were

Anonymous said...

3:26 Yes, were we Stand and Salute our Flag !!!