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Monday, October 16, 2017

Madaleno references Hogan’s bout with cancer, attacks him over paid sick leave veto

At Saturday’s United for Maryland gubernatorial forum, the six Democratic candidates were posed with a question about Republican Gov. Larry Hogan:

“What has Gov. Hogan done for which you most disagree, and if elected, what would you do differently or how would you correct it?”

State Sen. Rich Madaleno, who answered the question last in the candidate rotation, blasted Gov. Hogan for not signing a paid sick leave bill this past legislative session.

“First, from a policy perspective, the one thing that I find most disappointing is that for many people in the state, Larry Hogan earned their respect and admiration for how he handled his own bout with cancer,” Madaleno said.

Listening closely to the video, the audience can be heard agreeing with Madaleno’s sentiments.

“He did it in a very admiral way. And yet this past year, when we passed a bill to give people the opportunity to earn five days of leave – to care for themselves or their families – he vetoed that.”

Madaleno went on,

“Let me tell you, he had unlimited sick leave; he had people bringing his work to him while he lived in public housing.”



Anonymous said...

I know I won't be voting for Hogan nor this new cat so.....

Anonymous said...

Maryland government employees have an excellent paid sick leave program. Too good if you ask me. Too bad we can't share the wealth.

Anonymous said...

Maryland state employees do have a good sick leave program as they can receive donations from other employees when their leave runs out. It has improved over time.

lmclain said...

Two Sets of Laws.

I liked the "public housing" reminder.

They ALL have forgotten who they work for and what their job is....
Maybe they will remember just before the oxygen runs out.

Keep cheering.

Anonymous said...

Hogan is a RINO AND a hypocrite.