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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Trump May Be A Narcissist, But The Clintons Are Sociopaths

Hillary Clinton is very much like my hemorrhoids: neither will just go away. They both keep coming back and both are exceedingly irritating. She has recently gone on her Latest Excuses Tour, and all the reasons that she keeps giving for having lost the election has reached 39 at last count. She has blamed everything and everyone—except herself, or her serial rapist husband. This is very typical of a sociopath.

Even the people at CNN and Yahoo think she looks ridiculous in continually coming up with new excuses. Now that is saying something.

I spent many years in the field as a forensic psychologist and along the way I learned many things. One was that a consistent finding in convicts is that they have a low IQ and, in fact, that is why they have been caught. The sociopaths that populate prisons are there because they were stupid; they committed stupid crimes and did not/do not learn from their mistakes.



Anonymous said...

Hillary and Bill thought that they could make no mistakes because the rules of life didn't apply to them.

Anonymous said...

Hillary's continued presence is like trying to pass a huge, dry, hard stool. It's stuck and painful, and it's in the way of everything behind it. It's to the point that every time we burp it tastes like her.

Anonymous said...

That description is very appropriate. Too bad we can't find a laxative that works to treat it.