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Monday, September 04, 2017

Media Pushes Skewed DACA Polls, Hides Public’s Priorities

Media outlets are touting polls which supposedly show public support for the DACA amnesty — but careful polls show the public overwhelmingly prefers immigration policies which help their fellow Americans find good jobs.

The pro-DACA polls ask Americans “‘Do you want to be nice to people?’ and most Americans do want to be nice to people,” said Roy Beck, founder of NumbersUSA, an immigration reform group, whose polls ask Americans to rank their often-contradictory views. He said:

"We basically ask people to establish priorities. All public policy is about priorities. You can give people a list of 100 good things to do but you’ve got to have a priority. Our polls ask ‘Which is more important: Make sure that jobless Americans get the next jobs or continue to bring in high level of immigrants?"

These priority polls show roughly seven-to-one public support for Donald Trump’s argument that immigration reforms should aid American employees first, before aiding companies or foreign migrants.

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Anonymous said...

Do you want to be nice to people at the expense of all else?

Anonymous said...

Twenty years ago, if Americans wanted to be surrounded by Hispanics they would have had to travel to Mexico or further south. Now they are everywhere. This is not a good thing. They are ruining the United States.

Anonymous said...

And how about the 75 students at Delaware State University on FULL RIDE SCHOLARSHIPS that could face deportation because of Trumps DACA decision. While here I am as well as countless other US citizens paying back student loans...thank you Trump for this decision! I agree 4:49 this is a good thing!

Anonymous said...

Get rid of all DACA, family and extended family. Then use that money they were getting go towards the Americans that need the support and help like the Homeless Vets, Homeless families, abused children.