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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Speed Limit Feature Now Available to Boaters on AccessDNR App

A new mobile app feature is available from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources to alert boaters of speed limits and zones on state waterways.

The new service on the department’s free AccessDNR app covers the Chesapeake Bay, coastal bays west of Ocean City, Potomac River and Deep Creek Lake.

Boaters can search for speed zones by river system and zoom in to highlight an area of interest. A click on a shaded area of the map accesses the appropriate state regulation and shows the type of speed restriction governing that area. Boaters can print a map or link the app to the GPS on their vessel to track their route and signal when they are approaching a speed zone.

“Downloading and using this app raises boater awareness, enhances enjoyment and safety, and could even save boaters some money,” Boating Services Director Mark O’Malley said. “Speeding tickets carry a fine of $85. This app, in comparison, is free.”

Excessive speed and boat wakes were responsible for 56 accidents in 2016. Last year, the Maryland Natural Resources Police issued 489 speeding tickets and written warnings.

The AccessDNR app can be downloaded from the iPhone App Store or Google Play. It is the official app from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like they can access your data too. No thanks.

Anonymous said...

On the highways and now on the waterways, revenue enforcement is in action. They are always looking at all options to get what little money you make at your expense!

Anonymous said...

"...This app, in comparison, is free.”

Anytime a product is "free", YOU are the product.

As 10:33 AM commented, this is just a way for DNR to have an electronic record of your boating activities. Location, speed, duration, etc.

I'll take freedom over convenience any day.