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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Slowing the revolving door of prison with corn bread, cabbage and chocolate

Aaron Arnold had just emerged from an appointment with his probation officer when he and his family came upon the bounty outside the court building: boxes of lettuce, cabbage and celery stacked high along a wall, cartons of cottage cheese piled on a table nearby and shining bars of chocolates.

Arnold and his family filled their bags with fresh food and goodies, without having to pay a dime. They were among the first to take advantage of a new mobile food pantry in Maryland designed to alleviate one of the pressures many on parole and probation face as they try to stay out of jail — feeding their families.

“It’s gonna help us out,” said Arnold, who was eyeing a bag of marshmallows. “A lot of people just don’t have the means.”

The mobile food pantry in Hyattsville on Monday was part of an effort to improve relationships between probation officers and their clients while lending a hand to those working to rebuild their lives, said Sabra Mastalski, a field supervisor for the state parole and probation office.



Anonymous said...

I think this may make sense, however I feel like a little service to others should work both ways in this type of arrangement. Since their hopes of a full time legit job are null, could they volunteer their time and build off of that while trying to re-integrate back into society (an honest way)?

Anonymous said...

More freebies and handouts instead of a hand up all at the expense of the taxpayer who get jacks**T. Probably be back prison within a year.

Anonymous said...

Ocean City needs to put their feeding activity outside City Hall. Visiting guests really don't need to witness a bunch of people on the benches of S Division St who pooped their pants and are laying on the benches there to let things dry out. Who really wants to sit on a $hit tainted bench to wait for a bus?

Could be why City Council never ride the bus.

lmclain said...

We will pay, as citizens, what? $200 a day for jailing them?

We need new roads, bridges, maintenance, repairs.
Painting. Demolition.

We might need another public works thing like we had in the '30's. We have more than enough people to employ in the effort and we are already paying most of it anyway.
Or, turn these men loose with no job and no hope. What do you think will happen (other than what happens everyday now)????
Keep cheering.

Anonymous said...

How about sending a food truck to everyday working folk s jobs, who are barely making it, who are not in trouble.

Anonymous said...

Marshmallows? Why does he need marshmallows? I get meat, milk, vegetables, the staples, but why am I paying for some guy who got out of jail to eat marshmallows?

Anonymous said...

12:50...everybody needs smores. Hahaha