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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Last Orca Born In Captivity At SeaWorld Dies At Just 3 Months Old

The last orca to be born in captivity at SeaWorld died Monday after just three months of life, the company announced. The calf, named Kyara, succumbed to "some very serious and progressive health issues over the last week" at SeaWorld's park in San Antonio.

"Kyara had a tremendous impact on each of her care staff, not to mention all of the guests that had the chance to see her," trainer Julie Sigman said in a statement. "From late nights to early morning, rain or shine, we dedicate our lives to these animals, and this loss will be felt throughout the entire SeaWorld family."

Though the company refrained from offering an official cause of death, pending a postmortem conducted by the veterinarian team, it noted "we know that Kyara had an infection, likely pneumonia."

SeaWorld welcomed Kyara into the world in April, heralding the calf's birth to 25-year-old Takara as "an exciting and emotional day for us."


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

"In captivity".

A wild animal from birth.


Let them go. I don't need to see the show, it wasn't that good when thinking of the fact of their captivity.

We are the USA, our Constitution affords us God given rights which should be extended to the Orcas. I should not be sentenced to a life in a box from birth any more than an Orca or Dolphin should.

Ir you want to see the show, go to a communist/ socialist country that approves of this. China, anyone, or N. Korea?