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Monday, July 17, 2017

Oklahoma Man Pops The Question MID ARREST

Brandon Thompson of Muskogee, Okla., asked for his girlfriend’s hand in marriage this week, as police placed him under arrest.

Leandria Keith, his lady love, said yes.

A cigarette dangled from the left side of his mouth while Trey Songz’s “Bottom’s Up ft. Nicki Minaj” played from an off-camera stereo.

Thompson was arrested in connection with six outstanding felony warrants. He asked officers if he could proposition Keith before he was taken for booking and processing. They happily obliged.



Anonymous said...

I was going through SPD part 1 2016 report and they had 12 rapes for the WHOLE YEAR for 2017 to date it's ALREADY 11 Rapes ....also on there site it says ZERO MURDERS to date for 2017 ?????????????????????????????

Anonymous said...

awww! romance ghetto style! how lovely

Zorro said...

that way she can put money in his commisary account in prison....

Anonymous said...

After a few years of wedded bliss he'll be glad to go to the can.