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Monday, July 03, 2017

Because Some People Are Just Idiots


Anonymous said...

But.....I would take that water over that Coke any day and yes, I purchase water because I cannot stand to drink the water that comes out of the tap in Salisbury. It's like drinking bleach.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha... the same people who sell coke ALSO sell bottled water. Price and demand.. capitalism at work. No one would pay so much to put poison in their bodies, but they will for what their body has to have.

Anonymous said...

The U.S. has the cleanest tap water of almost any other nation on earth, yet we drink water out of a bottle made from petroleum oil and then toss it in the trash or side of road. Just to tell the environment where to stick it.

Anonymous said...

tap water = fine
spring water in bottles = fine
hose water in bottles labeled "purified" = STUPID!

Yet folks buy the "purified" water by the 30 packs. Amazing how STUPID some in society are today.