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Monday, May 01, 2017

Breaking News: Bill Shine, a top Fox News executive, is out. Several sexual harassment lawsuits said he enabled Roger Ailes's behavior.

Fox News announced the exit of one of its co-presidents, Bill Shine, removing a holdover from the Roger Ailes era and signaling that the network is prepared to shake up its executive ranks as it tries to move past a season of turmoil that has engulfed it since last summer.

Mr. Shine is a veteran newsman and a longtime lieutenant to Mr. Ailes, the former chairman who was forced out amid a sexual harassment scandal in July. Although Mr. Shine was seen as a source of stability in the news division at a turbulent time, his presence was viewed by some employees as a sign that Fox News’s parent, 21st Century Fox, was not serious about its stated commitment to reform the culture of the network.


Anonymous said...

MORE Fox news sons wiping out the news station.

Anonymous said...

Fox News Channel will not be able to recover with all the top stars gone! I'm looking forward to the new network they develop!

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness. I hope doofy and kilmeade are next.

Anonymous said...

men are men...throughout mankind.

Anonymous said...

You can thank the owners liberal sons.