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Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Howard Co. Council passes ‘sanctuary’ bill but veto expected

WASHINGTON — A bill that would make Howard County, Maryland, a “sanctuary” county for people who have entered the country illegally was approved Monday night by county council. But for supporters, it’s likely a short-lived victory.

The bill passed 3 to 2, but a veto is expected from County Executive Allan Kittleman who has said in a statement that the plan would get in the way of efforts to keep the county safe and endanger the county’s federal funding for other services.

“CB-9 has elicited more testimony, emails, tweets and public comment than any other issue I’ve encountered during my tenure in office, and I imagine the same is true of my colleagues,” said Council member Jon Weinstein before voting against the bill.

The plan would, among other things, instruct county police not to question people about their immigration status.



Anonymous said...

Maryland is playing with fire. Careful boys.

Anonymous said...

Is jake participating in this rally? The photos make it seem that he is. Kind of misleading if he's not.