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Tuesday, February 07, 2017

House science committee to probe Obama's dirty climate report

The House science committee is expected to take the Obama administration to task on Tuesday for intentionally trying to undermine scientific research on climate change at the United Nations when it didn't suit the former president's climate change agenda.

New evidence was brought to the committee's attention over the weekend that Republicans say show that the Obama administration rushed out a study by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to counter scientific research done by the United Nations that showed global warming had taken a temporary "hiatus" in the 2000s.

The new findings show that the committee was "justified" in launching its investigation last year into the NOAA study, said committee aides on a call with reporters Monday. The evidence is expected to be discussed at an oversight hearing the committee is holding Tuesday.



Anonymous said...

His Administration WAS the DIRTY CLIMATE !!!

Anonymous said...

Well too bad for the committee that this has already been vetted several times by independent panels.

Anonymous said...

They need a committee to investigate his dirty deals he made as president with Iran.

Anonymous said...

......Tie them to the telephone wire.