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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Pence: Media Seeks to ‘De-legitimize’ Incoming Administration

Vice-president elect Mike Pence criticized BuzzFeed and CNN for publishing “fake news” that can “only be attributed to media bias.”

The charge came after both media outlets pushed unverified and unsubstantiated report about Donald Trump’s supposed ties to Russia.

Pence said that Trump is “bringing together men and women of extraordinary capability,” with an “unprecedented calibre of leadership and background.” That record is likely the reason behind the “concerted effort from some in the mainstream media to delegitimize this election and demean our incoming administration,” he said.



Anonymous said...

They have no legitimacy because they campaigned for Hillary!

Anonymous said...

The media needs to be 'de-legitimze"d!!!

Anonymous said...

The democrats and most of the MSM are total slime balls who would rather see this country completly destroyed then work with the in coming Republican government. WE know what they are and they know what they are doing. Republicans control everthing right now and they should run those POS right in the ground. Republicans should block everything the democrats try to do no matter what it is and should tell them why they are doing it. Make them eat $#!* and rub their noses in it. blank em.

Anonymous said...

Trump needs to come in hard / fast / strong. This CNN in the news conference is how to handle "cry babies" that need to grow up. Tired of having to listen to these "bullies" whine. Is there not any other news worthy articles?