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Friday, January 06, 2017

Ocean Pines Crews Working to Prepare for Possible Snow Storm

As the Ocean Pines community braces for a potential snow storm this weekend, crews are working today, Jan. 6, to install snow salt spreaders and plows on trucks. The public works department will be staging equipment in locations throughout Ocean Pines before the start of the storm.

Director of Public Works, Eddie Wells, has reported that crews are monitoring conditions. Plowing of roadways would start at a three (3) inch snowfall or when conditions warrant. The Ocean Pines Public Works Department uses a seven-truck system, plowing all streets to make sure that all roads are passable for emergency vehicles. After precipitation stops, all intersections and side streets will be widened. Cul de sacs will be done after roads are completed.

The Director of Public Works along with the Ocean Pines Police Department will determine when to salt roadways, bridges, police and fire departments at the first sign of snow or ice. Top priority are Ocean Parkway, entrances in and out of ‘The Pines,’ all bridges, fire stations, police department followed by high traffic roads. After precipitation has stopped intersections and other areas requested by emergency officials (police, fire) or at the request of a resident.

The public works employees encourage drivers to stay off the road, if at all possible. Drivers are urged to keep a safe distance from plow trucks. Please do not pass snow plows and salting trucks.

Crews with the Ocean Pines Public Works Department are on-call as of Friday morning, Jan. 6, and will be in to work Friday night or early Saturday as soon as it warrants. To help with the removal of snow, Ocean Pines residents are asked to park their vehicles in driveways.


Anonymous said...

There will be no snow

Anonymous said...

Eddie Wells is the man.