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Friday, January 06, 2017

Local Snow Emergency Information

TRAFFIC ALERT! Maryland State Police in Berlin have activated a Snow Emergency Plan beginning at 2am on January 7th. This is done in anticipation of the upcoming storm approaching. A Snow Emergency Plan means that vehicles must be equipped with tire chains or tires rated for Snow. Disabled vehicles will be removed immediately instead of the normal 48hr grace period. Please do not drive during this time unless absolutely necessary. This will allow the County and State Highway crews to remove the snow more effeciently.

Princess Anne Snow Emergency Route Information

Snow Emergency routes in Princess Anne are Somerset Avenue and Mt. Vernon Road. No parking will be in effect on those routes. Abanoded and or parked vehicles on those routes will be towed at owners expense.

Snow Emergency Plan for Somerset County, MD
January 6, 2017

Somerset County, MD: The Maryland State Police Princess Anne Barrack will activate the Snow Emergency Plan for Somerset County at 2 A.M. on Saturday, January 7th, 2017. The plan will remain in effect for the duration of the inclement weather which is scheduled to hit the lower eastern shore of Maryland.

What the Snow Emergency Plan means for motorists:

  • Vehicles traveling on highways designated as snow emergency routes must be equipped with chains, snow tires or all season radials.
  • Special hauling permits for commercial vehicles are not valid.
  • Law enforcement can clear abandoned vehicles left on the road or on the shoulder. These vehicle will be towed to a local tow lot until picked up by the owner.
  • A parking ban is imposed on all Snow Emergency Routes during a snow emergency. Vehicles parked on designated Snow Emergency routes are subject to removal.
If any additional information is requested please contact your local State Police Barracks.


Anonymous said...

3:30am and not a flake of snow in Salisbury = another bust?

JoeAlbero said...

Well, we did say it would start around 4 am.

Anonymous said...

The state says stay off roads, but our employers tell us we must come to work.... Failure to communicate

Anonymous said...

823. Agreed. I don't get how this is supposed to work.