Thursday, January 12, 2017

Diet soda contains chemicals found in rust remover

Rust remover, anyone? Or maybe a dash of cement with your meal?

Swapping your “full-fat” Coke for a diet alternative might seem like the sensible, healthy thing to do. But think again.

Last week, experts at Imperial College, Londonclaimed sugar-free drinks won’t help you lose weight or avoid Type-2 diabetes.

In fact, they could stimulate your appetite and make you gain weight.

And worse, some sugar-free soda has ingredients you wouldn’t usually dream of consuming — chemicals found in rust remover, steel cleaner, and cement, albeit in tiny quantities.

They also have ingredients that in high doses have been linked to DNA damage, hyperactivity, and bone fractures.
Dr. Marilyn Glenville, author of “The Natural Alternative To Sugar,” says: “We don’t know the chemical cocktail effect of these ingredients.



Anonymous said...

Caring doctors warn of this but people don't want to change eating or drinking habits. Chemical additives in food and drink are poison to our bodies.

Anonymous said...

All cancer.

Anonymous said...

still better than the water in pittsville

Anonymous said...

No kidding. For years, I've used soda to clean my battery terminals.'s the real thing.

Anonymous said...

like water?

Anonymous said...

Vinegar does also but recommended to stay healthy.

Anonymous said...

I have never seen a skinny person drinking diet soda lol

Anonymous said...

Rust Remover! That'll clean out your pipes!