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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Some Commenter's Really Crack Me Up

"Your supposed to be a unbiased media source"

I find it amazing how this commenter attempted to suggest they have RULES as to what we do here.

Never once have we ever suggested we had Liberal views and if any of you think, or expect us to deliver news and information that only tells you a little bit of truth and ignore corruption, you are in the wrong place. 

We believe the alleged PROTOCOL the Main Stream Media claims they follow, "fair and balanced" is just another load of liberal crap. Just because it is in writing doesn't mean they do anything fair and balanced and this election has proven that to a tee. 

So please, viewers, do NOT put us anywhere near the same category as the Main Stream Media as we are far from it. 


Anonymous said...

You should start doing more .... I would Love to see you do like Alex Jones and go undercover and find all the corruption going on around the Eastern shore. when he snuck into bohemian grove everyone said it couldn't be done and he prove them wrong you should do the same around here and do like him as well and start publishing more stuff on all the corruption and lawbreaking it's going on even within the government around here.

Anonymous said...

You have, in the past, insinuated you were MSM. I have always said you were a blog. A blof does bot have to be fair and balanced. A blog is opinionated. SBYNews has always been opinionated.

Anonymous said...

I only know that the Fruitland cops will be overwhelmed by the exodus from Salisbury if this election goes to you know who.We'll be stopped at the border and turned around.

Anonymous said...

Liberals are nothing but zombies who willing open their mouths and gulp down the BS fed to them without question. Democrats as a whole are nothing but mere brain dead slaves to the liberal agenda. They haven't the ability to think. They obey without question.
Wikileaks proved beyond a doubt that the MSM is in the pockets of the democrats. From leaked debate questions to clinton to seeking approval from her team before posting articles and stacking polls at the teams request to favor her. I have really no use for any democrat. They are the lowest of the low. They serve no positive purpose in society. Not only are they brain dead but there isn't one who has a moral bone in their bodies. They are sick twisted perverted vulgar piss poor examples of human beings.

Anonymous said...

8:14 - Pay attention, this is the problem with you liberals. What they have always claimed here is that you will usually not see the information presented in SBYNEWS in the MSM. Which happens to be the facts! If you want to listen to and read the liberal opinionated garbage you have plenty of outlets. See ya!

JoeAlbero said...

8:14, When former Chief Webster filed a lawsuit against me years ago, a Judge clearly stated that I was Main Stream Media. He went on to explain that based on the fact that I disseminate news and information regularly on a daily basis, I am considered Main Stream Media.

HOWEVER, clearly we do NOT claim to follow the alleged protocol the Main Stream Media LIES about. We are clearly Republican/Conservative.

That does not mean we support and believe ANYTHING and EVERYTHING conservatives stand by. WE believe and stand by what is best for ALL Parties/Americans.

Considering we have tens of millions of hits, we're clearly doing something right. In the mean time we've watched the staff at the Daily Times drop to a skeleton crew and even executives fired and or laid off. We've seen the paper go from a hundred pages daily to what, ten pages?

We're a completely different form of Media that continues to grow every single year.

As for 8:07, you suggest we need to do more, WOW! We have been the ONLY news source that has exposed corruption and have paid the price, (in court, financially) numerous times. I can assure all of you, we work extremely hard every single day. Keep in mind, not only do we have to review all the articles we provide every day, publish them and then deal with up to 800 comments every day, 24 hours a day. I just can't see where we can work any harder, seriously.

Phronesis said...

And, Joe,
You'd probably post more of the news of lying, deceit, cheating and corruption (with an occasional dog story) if there were more time and room.

Kudos to the few news agencies and bold reporters in what's left of the press, as well as investigators, writers and hackers who provide us with the stories and information that the national and local MSM ignores or even suppresses. And, especially, kudos to bloggers like you, Joe, who gather the otherwise unreported and under-reported (and even changed to fit a specific agenda) news, news that opens eyes and gets brains moving and, often, a pulse going.

Local radio listeners, TV viewers and newspaper readers, do you see or hear any of what's posted on this blog ever showing up in any of those news outlets available around here? Nope.
Is there discussion of any of it on local talk radio? Nope.
Does the Daily Times or Salisbury Independent ever print anything that spurs thought about national issues? Nope.
How about on local TV stations? Nope.
We are spoon-fed what the local MSM wants, and only what it wants, regardless of whether it's the whole truth, or even truth at all.

Joe, your 14 gazillion site hits are testament to the fact that more people are awakening from the twilight sleep that's kept them thinking they're content and powerless in what is a highly calculated and constructed information wasteland . Keep up the good work!

JoeAlbero said...

8:32, Thank You!

Jim said...

It used to be that the old-timers like Walter Cronkite (google him, kids) operated under the premise that they were to simply report the 'facts' of the story and inform the public, but it has de-volved into a scenario where the liberal weasels who now own and run almost 100% of the American media use linguistic tricks and selective/deceptive reporting to present the "facts" in such a way as to tailor the viewer's response and promote an agenda.

Now understand this-- you are currently reading a BLOG. A web log (google it, kids).

Blogs are produced and maintained by the owner for his/her own purposes. In the case of Salisbury News, Joe owns it, does most of the work (LOTS of it), and presents what he finds in a way that suits him.

Readers numbering in the hundreds of thousands find it very helpful, entertaining and informative, and return day after day for more.

If you don't, that's OK. No hate from us. It's your computer, your eyes, your mind.. go find something that suits you.

Maybe start with CNN or Huffpo. Or maybe Hillary's fact-checking website.

Anonymous said...

Joe, how many times have you had to defend yourself against BS lawsuits for reporting what was going on in local government?

How much of your own money have you had to spend to defend yourself against these bozos and to keep pressing on with the mission?

Thanks for all you do.

Anonymous said...

Amen!! It amazes me to see how well Mr. Trump has done, swimming up the proverbial stream of constant left leaning propaganda, 2 political parties fighting against him, and Wall Street and Hollywood.
It's like playing a football game where every call goes the other way and they give the ball back to the team that scored. That's how lopsided the MSM has been against Trump.
Last month, I cancelled my subscription to the Daily Waste of Time after getting it for 25 years. They are preaching to the wrong choir.
Even if Trump loses - we won. The uprising has started and we can NOT let it stop!! Thanks again Joe for doing what you do. You ARE the Fox News of the Shore.

JoeAlbero said...

Jim, Thank You. Doesn't it crack you up when people come here and attempt to make such statements like the one above in this post? Joe Albero does not have a gun to anyone's head forcing them to come here daily. In fact, we get plenty of comments, (which we reject) stating they'll never come back. Yet we grow our numbers every single day. There's NO STOPPING tens of millions of hits. Americans love coming to Salisbury News because we deliver information the Main Stream Media refuses to deliver, factual and documented.

Think about it Folks. When you turn on the 6:00 news locally, you get 16 minutes of information once you take away the commercials. Then there's what, ten minutes of weather. Please, do tell me how the so called Main Stream Media can actually INFORM you of what is really going on in the United States??? Don't forget the time they take to deliver sports in that half hour show too.

Finally, I'll stick with growth. We continue to grow while the local Main Stream Media shrinks, FACT. Bottom Line, we are the future, period.

Anonymous said...

If this election proves nothing else it does prove how low so many Americans have sunk. To cast a vote for Clinton who not only is corrupt but lies constantly proves this. This means dishonest and corrupt people surround us. This election beyond anything else separates the bad people (clinton supporters) from the good Trump supporters.

Anonymous said...

Go on, Joe. Love this site. Check it every morning and evening without fail. Live in OC, know some council members personally, and they are very afraid of you. Got that first hand. They also say the mayor feels the same way. Can't help but wonder why...

Anonymous said...

The media and newspapers are not 'unbiased' as they claim to be. That is the reason I just cancelled my subscription to the Daily Times 30 days ago. If you are delivering the news as these news stations and newspapers do then it is your responsibility to deliver it as it happens....not as you 'want' it to happen. As the head of the news station or newspaper it is not your 'obligation' to give your opinion.

Anonymous said...

Joe thanks to this blog, we on the eastern shore are better informed then most. If it wasn't for sites like yours thant arn't bought and paid for our country would be lost. God bless the truth and time to make America great again.

Anonymous said...

Just a very small echo chamber.

Anonymous said...

I didn't mean work more Joe come on now. You must've took that the wrong way what I meant was you should disclose more of the good information that you find out on the corruption and everything else that goes on around the area and post it and who cares what everyone thinks and whether or not it cost you financially in court you clearly have enough people that follow your blog and will back you if it comes to that. I just truly enjoyed hearing all the good juicy stuff on all of the corrupt people in the area.

Anonymous said...

As a conservative it is refreshing to visit this site saving the "best" for last. This is all I ask, THE TRUTH! No spin, no perversion, just the facts and the plain and simple TRUTH.