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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Clinton leaves leaderless, rudderless and talentless Democratic Party in crisis - with only pensioners Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders to turn to

President Barack Obama hands over the White House to Republican Donald Trump in 71 days, leaving the Democratic Party leaderless and with few up-and-coming stars among its aging cast of stalwarts.

In what appeared to be a wave election, Republicans also secured majorities they already enjoyed in the Senate and the House and in governor's mansions and state legislatures across the country.

Democrats were all but wiped out in places like Iowa and Kentucky.

The defeat of Hillary Clinton, an experienced Washington politician who sought common ground with Republicans, could make it more likely that the party will turn to its liberal wing as it grapples with its future.

That's best represented by Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, whom Clinton defeated in a long primary, and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, a pull-no-punches progressive darling.



Anonymous said...

We do not need this type of news that is fueling a fire. We won , let's move forward and get our nation going in the right direction. Give it a rest!

Anonymous said...

The real question is do we want to be the melting pot or do we want to be the separate but equal rainbow coalition.