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Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Why Can't The SPD & WCSO Get Their Heads Out Of Their Pompous A$$ES?

The image above is a great example of community policing and working with the public. It truly would be nice, (and refreshing) to get such a press release so the public can get involved and garnish a quick return of the person missing. Don't believe me? Just look at how fast we reunite dogs and cats with their owners. 

Unfortunately, (believe it or not) the SPD & WCSO would rather NOT publish information of a child lost, sometimes for days at a time. Once they are located they finally put it out there by pounding their chest that they did in fact find the individual. This is absolutely ridiculous!

It is even more interesting how when they need us to help them find someone who robbed a Bank or a group of people who stole a candy bar from Walmart, oh they'll go nuts delivering us pictures and ASK for our help. In other words, do their job for them. 

Funny thing though. While SBYNews has far more local traffic then ANYONE else out there, the SPD & WCSO have NEVER given us credit for tips that have come in to help them find someone and or resolve a crime. OK, it gets even funnier. You see, when they NEED us they come racing our way because they know for a fact we have more traffic. However, when they do finally get that individual they were searching for they run to WBOC and talk about how it was "social media" that helped them solve the crime. 

All too often we see these CHILDREN who had been missing for days finally pop up with the SPD & WCSO after the fact, unlike the image you see above from Baltimore. Local law enforcement leaders need to stop acting like pompous a$$es and instead reach out (especially when it comes to children) to the public immediately.

They tend to use Facebook and Twitter to advertise what they do but not how we can help. When it comes to other law enforcement agencies like the Worcester County Sheriffs Office, they always provide all types useful information to media and social media.

Let's take last week for example. When roads started flooding throughout the County, not once did the SPD or the WCSO publish road closures anywhere. These are public servants. If you didn't know, whenever there is a snow storm or fog, (for example) the Board of Education depend on law enforcement to tell them the county weather conditions.  

The days of Barbara Duncan and Mike Lewis ignoring all media sources need to end. Love us or hate us here at SBYNews, the mass majority of residents on the Shore do in fact come to us every single day. God Forbid we have an opinion. 


Anonymous said...

Totally agree.

Anonymous said...

Joe did you hear about a SU student being dragged out of his car by black thugs x 2 weeks ago ?? Another local black cover up ? Please see if you can find out more about this.

Anonymous said...

This is just so typical of these two departments and you are right, God forbid anyone in this town have an opinion.

Anonymous said...

its a very dangerous city, my daughter goes to s u and I worry until I c her get home at night, maybe instead of spending multimillions on ball fields s u could spend money on keeping our children safe

Anonymous said...

They are too busy patting themselves on the back to worry about helping the community. They are quick to post pictures of them "doing something good" aka doing what they are paid to do. I have never lived in a place that keeps their community so uninformed on what is going on.