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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Salisbury to Welcome Delegation from Estonian Sister City

Salisbury – Mayor Jake Day, along with members of Salisbury City government, representatives of Salisbury University, and the Sister Cities Committee will welcome a delegation from Tartu, Estonia on Wednesday, September 7th 2016. This visit will mark the latest in a long history of amicable, successful interactions between Salisbury and her sister City, Tartu. The delegation will consist of the Mayor of Tartu, several civil employees, and a host of business leaders from the Tartu community.

After breakfast and a welcoming ceremony, delegation members will engage with their American counterparts for a series of presentations by the Estonian Delegation members, and local business and government leaders. Estonian businesses—including a mobile data security firm, tech and software development firms, and mapping and telemetry software company, to name just a few—will hear from local experts such as Lee Beauchamp of Operational Precision Systems, Justin Garner of Garner Group Marketing, and James McNaugton of AhPharma. Mayor Jake Day and Salisbury’s Assistant Director of Internal Services - Procurement & Parking Division, Jen Miller will give insight into the operation of Salisbury’s city government at multiple levels. The day will culminate in an evening mixer at Evolution Craft Brewery, where the delegation will have the opportunity to sample local cuisine and craft beer.

“The City of Salisbury is excited for this visit from our Estonian counterparts and for the opportunity for exchange of culture and ideas,” said Assistant City Administrator, Julia Glanz. “Salisbury has become an area where innovation thrives, much like Tartu. All participants will leave feeling invigorated and challenged to create, design, build the next big thing. The day’s events are open to the public and all are welcome to join us.”

The itinerary for the day follows:
All the day’s public events will be held in the Wicomico Room of the Guerrieri University Center at Salisbury University
September 7th

9:30-10:00am- Formal Welcoming of Delegation
10:00-11:00am- Smart City Development
Smart City developments recently to Salisbury
Bottle necks with Smart City development for the City
How Smart City solutions are procured
11:00-1:00pm- Presentations of Estonian Businesses/American Businesses
2:45-4:30pm Brainstorming/Moderated Discussion in Groups
What are the main challenges in Salisbury in these areas?
4:00-6:00pm Lecture by Kuldar Taveter- TTU- Perdue Hall Room 362
Proactive government and decision support for citizens and civil servant
Agent based theories gaming for decision support in crisis management

Local representatives will include:

Justin Garner, Garner Group Marketing – Garner Group Marketing helps businesses find new customers through online marketing. GGM does this through Search Engine Marketing (Google Adwords) and Social Media Channels such as Facebook and Instagram.

Lee Beauchamp, Anaerobic Digester Consultant, Operational Precision Systems

James McNaughton, AhPharma – AHPharma, Inc. prides itself on being able to pin-point current issues in the animal-health & food safety industry and create products and/or solutions to fill these voids.

Adit Abraham & Benyam Ephrem, VelopApps – VelopApps is an app development company with smartphone app “Rootine”, as its main product. Rootine helps users achieve a goal by breaking the goal down into a series of steps.

Maggie Kemp, Cloud to Cup – Cloud to Cup is a filtration system that makes rain water potable.

Michael Solomon, Economic Development Director, Pulaski County Economic Development

Signe Pringle, Managing Director, Department of Commerce – International Investment & Trade

Jennifer Miller, City of Salisbury – Assistant Director of Internal Service - Procurement & Parking Division

Bill Garrett, City of Salisbury – Director of IT
Michael Moulds, City of Salisbury – Director of Public Works

Estonian businesses which will be present include:

Mobi Lab
Mobi Lab is mobile design and development studio based in Estonia. Their mission is to create the best mobile experience for Smart City solutions. Their in-house team consists of creative designers, technically skilled mobile software engineers and experienced business analysts. They are working with clients and partners globally – including Skype, Microsoft, Samsung, Ericsson etc.
Mobi Lab’s main services:
successful mobile strategy for any business
smooth user experience
creative and beautiful design
high-quality iOS, Android & WP software
valuable behaviour monitoring and insights

Positium LBS
Positium extracts and processes anonymous location data of mobile subscribers from mobile network operators, using the specific tools and algorithms created over 10 years of experience. They produce statistical data on residents and visitors, and their mobility. Mobile phones reveal peoples’ location to the mobile operator as they communicate with the cell tower to transmit calls, text messages or data. Mobile phones are ubiquitous sensors of the society. Individually, these anonymous signals do not mean much, but taken together they can be used to paint a picture of the streets. Carefully processed, this information can provide continuous data on various areas -tourism, urban planning, transportation management.

Cityntel develops next generation context and situation aware street light control solution based on unique flat wireless mesh network and Mist computing technologies. In the course of a night the situation on the streets varies a lot. Peak hours need different lighting than quiet night hours when there are very few people accessing the street. Their solution makes street lights adjust their brightness according to an actual need. Street lights are gathering information regarding human presence, traffic intensity, weather conditions etc from various sensors deployed in the area and adjust their brightness based on this data. By using wireless mesh network sensors are able to communicate with street lights on local level.

GoSwift removes physical queues by replacing them with virtual ones. GoSwift has been operating a virtual queuing and online booking system for borders, ports and tourist attractions since 2011. GoSwift operates in 4 countries - Finland, Russia, Lithuania and Estonia, at 9 border crossing points, using a Public Private Partnership (PPP) model. In 2013, GoSwift was nominated as one of the best e-services in the world, by World Summit Award, contest to select and promote of best practices in digital innovation with local relevance, content depth and user value from all UN member states. In 2015, GoSwift won the OECD’s International Transport Forum “Transport Achievement Award” for its outstanding results in solving border crossing transport issues resulting in growth of tourism and trade.

Baltic Innovation Agency
Baltic Innovation Agency (BIA) is providing innovation, clustering and technology development related services to public, private and third sector organizations. BIA´s main competence areas include cluster management, strategic and business planning, technology transfer and commercialization, market research and analysis. BIA is a member of the Enterprise Europe Network, the main business support network for SMEs in the EU, and The Competitiveness Institute, the global network of cluster practitioners and cluster development organisations.

Net Group
Net Group is a new-generation Nordic software development and consultancy firm operating in international markets. Their goal is to boost efficiency and lower costs through excellent tailor-made software solutions. Their core competences are application and product development and implementation - .NET, Sharepoint and Java technologies, Integration services – BizTalk platform, Design and Usability. They have two special products: Synerall® is an innovative CRM, Billing and eCommerce and Courtal® is the most advanced e-court information system available on the market .

Tallinn University of Technology (TUT)
TUT the only technological university in Estonia, is the flagship of Estonian engineering and technology education. Here the synergy between different fields (ICT, technology, natural and social sciences) is created and new ideas are born. TUT is driven by internationalization, entrepreneurship and innovation. With 14,000 students and 2000 staff members TUT is internationally recognized research university and a promoter of economic development and innovation in Estonia and globally.

Datel Ovela
Born global between the United States of America and Estonia, a vast number of the services that wrote the e-Government success story were our own. From inventing mapping tools for returning land to families who had it seized for a generation in 1990 Estonia to urban planning/permitting geospatial (mapping) systems in Virginia and a rural American presentation tool built for the President of the United States this saga is far from over. 26 years, 9 countries, and countless stories. Stories of Datel Ovela Counties placing in the NACo Top 5 Digital Counties in the United States year after year! We will write the next chapter together.

Cybernetica is an R&D intensive ICT company that researches, develops and manufactures mission-critical systems, light signalling and telematics products, maritime surveillance and radio communications systems. Cybernetica has been an active counterpart in developing critical e-Government systems, such as the Estonian X-Road, i-Voting, e-Customs and others.


Anonymous said...

Tartu? Lol!!

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"an area where innovation thrives"


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Why is it always a "sister city" and never a brother city? This is discrimination!!! It should be gender neutral....SIBLING CITY.

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We hope that they'll be better treated than the Salisbury, England visitors were when Barrie Tilghman was mayor. That was a big embarrassment.

Steve said...

Except for the spelling, Salisbury & Tartu sound almost identical!

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Don't worry, Salisbury is actually a dude in a dress.

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If you want to see what this will look like watch the episode of "Parks & Rec" when they are visited by their sister city. It's great.

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Their river looks so much cleaner. I'll bet they won't give up that secret technology.

Steve said...

Except for the spelling, "Estonia" and "I'm stoned yo!" sound almost identical!

Am I getting closer?

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YAWN!!!! Sounds like something "really" necessary and beneficial. LMAO

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What a waste of tax dollars.

I am so disappointed that Jake Day has even kept that dude as the assistant city manager. How pathetic is our leadership in this city. I will never vote for either one of them again, especially that fraud Manure Boata.

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Give 'em some of our best in the nation water, mr. day