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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Hillary Clinton: Poster girl for post-Christian America

Exclusive: Kent G. Bailey, Ph.D., on how nation became 'a society with no guilt or shame'

“Unless Christianity receives a new enthusiasm that sweeps the Western world … the entire West will collapse in your lifetime.”

Scholars debate whether or not the United States was originally founded on Christian principles, but most agree that we are today – through and through – a secular nation. We might have previously considered ourselves a God-ordained and Christian nation, but the grand triumph of worldliness over godliness is here for all to see. And we are the worst for it – with moral and godly men and women giving over to mindless and materialistic masses worshiping at the counters of McDonald’s, Macys and the nearest Tesla dealer.

In post-Christian and post-moral America, the lower instincts are released from their tenuous confinement, and narcissism, self-indulgence, group conformity and moral stupidity become the driving forces of behavior. Eden’s fall now becomes a virtue where nothing is ever wrong in and of itself – only that which transgresses man’s malleable and ever-shifting legal system is disapproved or punishable. Even there, the liberal mind is predisposed toward rationalizing, excusing and diverting blame from the individual to an endless panoply of “root causes” lurking in society.



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Anonymous said...

She is morally empty. We need fewer of her, not more.

Anonymous said...

We are not a theocracy, no one religion gets put ahead of any other religion.

Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ died for all people.
We are all going to heaven after we die.

That is the good news - gospel.
Nothing more, and nothing less.