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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Religious, civil rights leaders rally to restore internet sanity

Taken aback by the spate of hate spewed online, especially regarding the July Boardwalk incident when 12 arrests were made, local religious leaders have signed an accord agreeing to take the fight for equality to their respective congregations.

“This is a fight we can bring into the light. Obviously, there are always going to be people who share negative comments — we can’t control that, but what we can do is address the issue,” Rev. Gregg Knepp, organizer of the signing at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church on Wednesday, said.

The feelings expressed in those comments, he continued, “are probably also felt by others — hopefully in not such an extreme manner — but we need to recognize that within our congregations and our community there are people who harbor prejudice. It’s part of the human condition, and it won’t go away by wishing — we need to confront it head on.



Anonymous said...

Why don't these people go out and see what's going on for themselves, instead of vilifying those of us who complain about it? Why not have their next meeting at midnight on the boards, then walk through the alleys and shadowy areas to see what the problems are?

No, not them. They prefer to preach "It's not rampant black crime, it's the white people who complain about it." Let's stamp out alleged hate, not punish criminals.

Let's silence the blogs (and the banner planes, too) and no one will notice all the crime, assaults, intimidation, and all the other benefits of OC advertising in crime-ridden ghettos. Go after those smokers, pull over 100+ cars at a checkpoint to make one arrest, but DO NOT criticize the criminal element. You will be labeled "racist" and "hater" and worse, just because you dared to speak against the policies of liberals that breed crime among us all.

Go after the criminals, not the victims and the other good people.

Anonymous said...

"It’s part of the human condition, and it won’t go away by wishing — we need to confront it head on."

Sir, if prejudice is part of the human condition as you state(it is), then it will not go away no matter what you or anyone else does. Prejudice is ingrained into us genetically through evolution. Liberals tell us there isn't a God so it must be so.