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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Maryland gives immigrants more time before canceling commercial driver’s licenses

The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration has extended the deadline for more than 260 commercial driver’s license holders — most of them immigrants — to prove U.S. citizenship or permanent residency before their driving privileges are canceled.

The agency realized in late July that it had erroneously granted the commercial licenses to a special category of immigrants who have permission from the Department of Homeland Security to work but do not have permanent legal status. The license holders received letters saying they had until Monday to comply with federal law.

But the truckers protested immediately, asking advocacy organizations and local elected officials for help in working out an alternative with the agency that would preserve their businesses and livelihoods.



Anonymous said...

So Wrong - So Liberal.

Anonymous said...

Give them more time?
Either they have legal status or they don't.
What difference would a little more time make?

Anonymous said...

They allow this but a person with CDL - A with endorsements cannot drive a School Bus without going through the entire course, including a Learners Permit, the same as someone that has never driven a large vehicle. This is pure BS. Hogan is getting to be a great disappointment each day. he appears to be another Chameleon Republican. The icing on the cake is disappearing and the cake is becoming apparent.

Anonymous said...

August 13, 2016 at 9:53 AM

you are referring to getting the "P" endorsement aren't you?