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Saturday, August 13, 2016

‘We Want The Cash’: DEA Seizes Millions From Travelers, Bribes Transit Employees

DEA set up task forces in 15 airports and seized $209 million

Federal drug agents are consistently taking cash from unsuspecting travelers, often not charging travelers with any crime.

Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agents profile passengers of trains and airlines to identify if the commuter is likely to be holding substantial amounts of money, according to a USA Today investigation. The DEA set up task forces in 15 of the country’s largest airports and ultimately seized $209 million from approximately 5,200 people in a decade.

The author and leader of the investigation suspects this is under-reported:

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Anonymous said...

Any federal agent who does this should be charged with treason,tried, and if convicted, get the death penalty. And the option for those they stole from to get to beat them to death should be on the table.

Anonymous said...

Simply outrageous.
Not legal under Common Law.

Anonymous said...

Did you check in today?

Anonymous said...

Pull a car over. Consent search locate 2 million cash in trunk. Driver is convicted in the past for drug smuggling and served times. Driver doesn't a no who's money it is or how it got their. Driver does not have a job and car is rented in gf name... Under forfeiture laws you can seize the money. What do you do if your LE ? Seize the money and go to court and let a judge decide or let him leave with 2 millions dollars?

lmclain said...

Nothing but robbery. ARMED robbery by agents of the government.

No charges. No trial. No jury. Just hand your cash over peacefully and no one gets shot. Resist? They'll take your life, too.
Jesse James would have LOVED to have a badge, too.

Protecting and serving who??? Not the serfs, that's for sure.
Keep cheering.

Anonymous said...

Yes 100 percent trial with a Judge in a court room. Money is seized under forfeiture laws. 90 percent don't show up to court to claim their or fight for millions! Fact not fiction.

Anonymous said...

Larry is against anything law enforcement does. Larry would rather the drug cartel keep their money, instead of it being used instead of tax $. Maybe Larry has a vested interest in drug$.

lmclain said...

Michael, Michael, Michael.
I'm against anything the government does that violates the Constitution.
I'm also against any politician that does the same thing, such as enacting "forfeiture" laws. Have you ever READ the constitution, Mike? Or did they, in the academy, teach you about the Two Sets of Laws theory, absolving you of obeying the law or the Constitution?
Look up the 4TH Amendment.
It is NOT against the law to have cash. In any amount.
Understand this, Mike, if you miss everything else ---
when the government has its armed agents TAKE (at gunpoint and the always present threat of being killed if you resist the robbery) your cash or property and then tell you to PROVE YOUR INNOCENCE (!), the law has been turned upon its head. Do you see ANY problem there???
The police are necessary. Without them, we are a third world cesspool.
THAT, however, is not carte blanche to do whatever you want because there is a badge on your chest.
Finally, mike, man up. "Anonymous" is the realm of weakness and fear.... You want to suggest I have a "vested interst in drug$" and do it "anonymously"?? LOL.
I always liked you and respect your decision to be a cop.
Good for you.
Just keep in mind, the job doesn't come with a halo.
It DOES, however come with an OATH to uphold and defend the Constitution.
Give reading it a try.