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Saturday, August 13, 2016



Back in the 50’s, they had an annual dinner for the local baseball leagues that was far superior to the functions they have today. This was when baseball was played “for the love of the game”. In those days, when you asked for an autograph, it was a gesture of honor to the player you were asking. How things have changed. And you could read every name signed on your program. There was no charge to get anyone to sign. I imagine they came just for the free chicken dinner. The following are some of the attendees at those long ago dinners.

Little League Banquet - February 7, 1956

Ron Waller

Dick Porter

Billy Werber

Poke Whalen

Billy Hunter

Pony League Banquet - January 27, 1956

Joe E. Brown

Benny Bengough

Tommy Byrne

Del Ennis

Willie Jones

Frank Powell

Frank “Home Run” Baker

Dick Porter

Jake Flowers

Little League Banquet - February 5, 1957

Ernie Harwell

Gus Triandos

John Andre

Bill Nicholson

Jim Mutscheller

Frank “Home Run” Baker

Bill Walsingham

Pony League Banquet - January 15, 1957

Lefty Gomez

Benny Bengough

Stan Lopata

Sal Maglie

Curt Simmons

Frank Powell

Pony League Banquet – January 14, 1958

Don Kellett

Harry Anderson

Frank “Home Run” Baker

Benny Bengough

Lew Burdette

Ed Calhoun

Jack Sanford

Frank Powell

Bill Talbert

Frank Roberts

“Wiffy” Cox


Anonymous said...

Really? THE Joe E. Brown? If it's who I'm thinking of, cool! (the actor)

Anonymous said...

still have my little league banquet program from 1966. east little league. no autograpgh. in good shape also.

George Chevallier said...

Yes, it was THE Joe E. Brown, with the big mouth. I have seen him in movies and he always emphasizes his big mouth with some kind of expression that requires his mouth to be exaggerated. And it was cool for us kids to see him in person.

Anonymous said...

Man...I'd love to have autographs of some of those guys...Home Run Baker, Jake Flowers!

Anonymous said...

If this story were 10 years later, you would have seen Brooks Robinson's name their too. What a classy guy. I got his autograph when I was 10.

Anonymous said...

Im sorry george but thats a fake

Bunk Mann said...

I was at the 1957 Little League banquet and remember my dad giving me a hard time because I passed up Frank "Homerun" Baker's autograph for Gus Triandos'.I just didnt think the old guy looked like a real baseball player while Gus played for the Orioles (and would hit 30 homeruns the next year). Four years ago I was in Cooperstown and saw Frank Bakers plaque--but never saw one for Triandos. I smiled and remembered that banquet and my dad. Thanks for the memories George!!

Anonymous said...

steve barber and boog powell signed at my little league banquets.

Anonymous said...

I still have my program from 1965. but we had no one to get autographs from then. same program though. same little league dinner.