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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Are the police racist?

Do they disproportionately shoot African-Americans? Are incidents in places like Ferguson and Baltimore evidence of systemic discrimination? Heather Mac Donald, a scholar at the Manhattan Institute, explains.

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Anonymous said...

Ferguson was justified. The others do show a problem with police. They're mostly,not all, to scared to do their jobs properly. Which by the way is the dangerous part of their jobs. Waiting to identify a weapon is an immediate threat. Visually seeing it! Not feeling it. Not going off of hearsay. Regardless if a weapon is found,its not justified reason to kill! Waiting that split second is the difference between a good cop and a coward!

Anonymous said...

they shoot criminals. if the majority of criminals are black, well then they shoot more blacks.

Anonymous said...

Yes, most of the cops don't like getting shot, and every time they confront a black guy, he takes a shot at them.

Anonymous said...

The police are involved in taking money from the regular people in the service of the elites who run the government. The police generally are not smart enough (apparently) to realize that the statutory laws they enforce against the people are unconstitutional.

The People have very little "need" for the police. We can call them when we have a dispute between us. Until then, the police should stay out of our lives.

Think: Mayberry RFD. That is what police are supposed to be about in the US. Not what we endure. Endless spying, hiding behind trees, enforcing victimless crimes, and so on.

We do not want a police who are convinced that their job is to PREVENT crime! That means we have no free will. The police really need to read the Constitution. Educate yourselves. Stop harassing the People whom you are supposed to serve.

Anonymous said...

1127 comment from a person that has never been in a shooting and never will. Don't lie! You haven't!

Anonymous said...

Haven't? I spent three yrs on tour jerk! Told not to kill anyone unless they were armed and posed a viable threat. That meant even tho a weapon was in there hands , we were to wait till it was raised! Scared? Yes I was! Kill anyone just for holding a weapon? No I didn't! I guarantee you that it's alot more scarier over thee then here! And a soldier gets in more trouble over there than a cop does here! Which is a serious problem!