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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Trump Tower alleged perp - FBI's Hall of Fame on their website

1954 - 2007

Special Agent Barry Lee Bush was shot and killed on April 5, 2007, in Readington, New Jersey, while working a criminal investigation into a series of armed bank robberies in central New Jersey. He and his team were in pursuit of heavily-armed serial bank robbers who were believed to have been responsible for four bank robberies. The suspects had allegedly fired their assault weapons inside two of the banks. Special Agent Bush was killed during the attempt to arrest these suspects.

Special Agent Bush joined the FBI in 1987 and served in the Kansas City Office before transferring to Newark in 1991. To honor his memory, the Newark FBI Field Division renamed its building after him in April 2008.

Read Director Mueller's remarks at the memorial service honoring Special Agent Bush.



Anonymous said...

This was the guy who was caught breaking into Trump Tower about a month ago. Dead? Hmmmmmm

Are you people still denying the Clinton Kill List?

Anonymous said...

Read it again! This guy is alive! He was said to have been killed yrs ago by accidentally being shot by one of his fellow officers during a bank robbery! Which of course is how the CIA makes ghosts and assassins! Fake a death ,report to Killary for directives, then complete mission. Now Trump knows he was targeted by Killary! I pray he returns the favor!

Anonymous said...

It is very important to realize this fact:

Hillary doesn't have anyone killed.
Ditto for Bill.

It is their BOSSES who have people killed.
Their bosses write the script they read at the teleprompter.
Their bosses tell them how to vote, what to say, how to act.
Their bosses are able to remain hidden behind the curtain because so few Americans realize what is happening. Look over there. Bash Hillary. Bash Dubya'. So on.

Anonymous said...

1157 I'll just bet I knew about when this happened which is more that you can say. I am very much aware of the man's death ruse and 257 the Clintons have been ordering hits since their Arkansas days. Get out of the sticks you're way behind the rest of the class.

Anonymous said...

I simply disagree with you.
I believe the Clintons ran the cocaine in Mena on behalf of their bosses (Jewish Mafia).
To this day, the Clintons take orders just like Barry and Dubya'. They all work of the richest people on earth. Bankers.

mommy13 said...

Soros is the godfather