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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Obama Pressures Police Leaders To Negotiate With 30 of His Radical Allies

President Barack Obama pressured a few police leaders to attend a closed-door White House meeting with roughly 30 of his radical left-wing allies, where he pushed for federal rules to govern the nation’s 18,000 police districts.

In his comments to reporters after the Wednesday meeting, Obama repeated his suggestion that white racism caused the shooting murder of five White or Hispanic police officers in Dallas, and he showed reporters that he’s fully supporting the radical activists’ campaign against the nation’s police leaders.

“I do not want to gloss over the fact that not only are there very real problems but there are still deep divisions about how to solve these problems,” he told the media. “There’s no doubt that police departments still feel embattled and unjustly accused … there is no doubt that minority communities, communities of color still feel like it just takes too long to do what’s right.”

Obama also claimed that racism explains why young black men are more likely to get shot in disputes with cops than are young white men. “The roots of the problems we saw this week date back not just decades, date back centuries. There are cultural issues, and there are issues of race in this country, and poverty, and a whole range of problems that will not be solved overnight,” he claimed, despite the growing mass of evidence that young black men are less likely to get shot by cops than are white men.

Obama’s claim of racism echoes the incendiary statements he made in Dallas to the families of the dead cops..

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KBinLA said...

Any other country on this Earth would have had a leader like this toppled, and probably deported. But., ohhh no, not here in the 'Politically Correct' United States of America. I'm am sick to death of the PC Police and what they've done to my Country., the World! And, most of all, I'm sick to death of this POS, errand boy for 'One World Islam', we call POTUS.

Anonymous said...

Obama wants a "RaceWar". This would also allow Muslims to take over the US.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Discussion will consist of 3 topics
1st topic "Obey the Laws".
2nd topic "You Will be Arrested When You Break the Law"
3rd topic "Force Will Be Used When Necessary to Control the Situation"

Anonymous said...

Can't he just STFU? Seems to me the ones who yell racist the most ARE the racists.

lmclain said...

I might go for some of their behavior, maybe.
If they only knew any history at all, other than the usual and pitiful cries they've been conditioned to believe and say (and use as an excuse for lawless and ignorant action), i.e. we feel a " lasting cultural shock" or THIS group in THIS generation is owed money by TODAY'S generations for something neither one of them had anything to do with, or "latent low self-esteem" (what..??), or have no committment to a structured family life (because their ancestors (maybe) had their kids sold and forever disappear. Now, feeling the pain of that is somehow genetic and passed on to future generations, making them violent, misogynist, racist, and irresponsible before they even realize it's happening?
I'm calling BS on all of that.
Integrity. Moral values. PROPER JUDGMENT and the ability to make the correct choices, even the hard ones, because it is the right thing to do. Respect the law and other authority figures (like teachers). Hard work. Sacrifice for a future reward or for the common good. The ability to accept failure without needing to unload an AK-47 on a crowd. Personal accountability (you are not in prison because your're black and have deep sadness about the treatment of slaves more than a century ago -- you are there because you got caught with drugs and/or weapons, for the third time. Or almost killed your wife in a drunken rage).
I got it. Black people DO have it tougher. No doubt. NONE. If you don't know or see that, you haven't pay paying attention.
Black people from all walks of life, however, still achieve success (many with much greater success than any person, black or otherwise, or ever hope to achieve).
What if it DOES take extra effort to be a black power figure or wealthy financier?
Black are the FIRST group to face THAT?
This the GREATEST place to be to achieve your dream, no matter what it is, and if if was easy, everyone would do it.
But it is now as it ALWAYS has been -- the harder you work or think, the more your have and the luckier you seem to get. Black or white. Or Asian. Or Polynesian. What you want (and have) is only limited in the USA by how badly you want it. So what if you have to overcome some terrible thing or obstacle? It can (and IS done) everyday. You want to be champion? Fight for it
Do these things, honor God, and be happy in life.
Or accept the modern day version of slavery and cheer the monthly deposit on the EBT card.
Everyone else? Buy more ammo.
Entropy is increasing.