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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Conservatives Rejoice At Trump's Pick Of Pence

Donald Trump’s hope that Indiana Gov. Mike Pence would help him win over skeptical conservatives looks to be already working.

Leaders of a number of conservative organizations — including some that have been hostile to Donald Trump and supportive of his rivals — are praising the selection of Pence.

“This is a great day for conservatism and great news for conservatives,” said Matt Schlapp, the chairman of the American Conservative Union. “Governor Mike Pence is an excellent pick to be the Vice President.”

“He is a proven leader who has worked with grassroots conservatives to advance policies and solutions that strengthen our economy, our national defense, and our families,” Schlapp added. “His Reagan-esque approach, as a great communicator with the courage of his convictions, sends the signal to conservatives across America that Donald Trump is eager to bring Americans together to reject Hillary Clinton’s plans to continue President Obama’s radical agenda.”



Anonymous said...

I still like Gingrich,but who cares what I think.His choice is fine.

Anonymous said...

Pence will run the country upon Trump's unfortunate Air Force One accident. My crystal ball isn't so clear, but this is how I see it happening. It will be Pence Flynn 2020.

Anonymous said...

Why would he fly Air force one when he can fly Trump one a better aircraft ?

Anonymous said...

I just hope the tape of Trump expressing anger about being compelled to pick Pence does not surface.